Compliance and Corporate Governance

One of the Ennoble Services primary business objectives requires adherence to local, national, and international laws, and the requirement that the company employees show integrity and honesty in all their dealings. Risk management and internal controls are therefore included in company, assuring the accuracy and validity of results, reports, and certificates that compan provides to customers.
1) Integrity
Perform audits with honesty, diligence, and responsibility. Observe and comply with applicable legal requirements. Demonstrate your competence while performing audits. Perform audits in an impartial manner. Remain fair and unbiased in all your dealings. Be sensitive to any influences exerted on your judgment during an audit.
2) Fair Presentation
Ensure audit findings, conclusions, and reports truthfully and accurately reflect the audit activities. Report any significant obstacles encountered in the audit. Report any unresolved diverging opinions between the auditee and audit team. Ensure communication is truthful, accurate, objective, timely, clear, and complete.
3) Due Professional Care
Exercise due care based on importance of task and confidence placed in you by audit client. Make reasoned judgments in all audit situations.
4) Confidentiality
Exercise discretion in use and protection of information acquired during your audit duties. Do not use audit information for personal gain or in detrimental way to legitimate interests of auditee. Properly handle sensitive or confidential information.
5) Independence
Remain independent of the activity being audited. Be free from bias and conflict of interest. Maintain objectivity throughout the audit process. Ensure findings and conclusions are based only on evidence.
6) Evidence-Based Approach
Collect audit evidence that is verifiable. Base the evidence on samples of available information. Use samples since audit is conducted during a finite period of time and with finite resources. Sample appropriately to contribute to confidence that can be placed on audit conclusions.